Fitness Zone

In a world where diseases like diabetes and obesity are on the increase it is crucial that we all make regular physical activity part of our life.

In the Fitness Zone you’ll discover why physical activity is so important for your health and how you can best fuel a healthy, active lifestyle by eating the correct amount of carbohydrates and protein. You also need to balance your fluid intake to optimize performance.

Suggestions on suitable snacks and the latest information on supplements is also available.

It doesn’t matter whether you are exercising to improve performance, keep fit, control your weight, or for health reasons, the principles are the same.

Much of the text in this section is taken from the book Fuelling Fitness for Sports Performance.

  • Stear S. 2004. Fuelling Fitness for Sports Performance. The Sugar Bureau in association with The British Olympic Association. London. Available from the BOA Bookshop. (while stocks last)